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Three Diamond Suns Ring

Imagine the warmth of a sunbeam captured in diamond form. The Three Diamond Suns Ring is a celebration of this radiant energy. It features three exceptional, GIA-certified yellow diamonds. The centerpiece, a 19.22 carat emerald-cut marvel, glows with the vibrant color of a mid-summer sun. A 10.38 carat and a 10.18 carat emerald-cut diamond surround it in perfect harmony, their symmetrical size creating perfect balance and proportion.

Together, these diamonds form a visual trilogy, a poignant symbol of the past, present, and future. Their emerald-cut brings out the best of their inherent brilliance, refracting light with mesmerizing fire. Each one has been carefully selected by Jacob & Co. as a testament to the rare beauty of the diamond world.

Highlighting the yellow diamonds are 3.06 carats of pavé-set white diamonds, masterfully set by Jacob & Co. These gemstones add a touch of modern contrast to Three Diamond Suns, their brilliance beautifully surrounding the warm glow of the yellow diamonds. This pavé setting creates a seamless flow of light, further enhancing the overall radiance of the design.

The ring's two-tone 18k gold setting provides a luxurious backdrop for the three centerpieces, with the rose gold accenting the warm tones of the yellow gemstones. This contrasting design adds a touch of vintage sophistication to the piece.

The Three Diamond Suns is more than a piece of jewelry – it's a testament to the wearer's discerning taste for the exceptional. For those who demand the extraordinary, the Three Diamond Suns is a true expression of Jacob & Co.’s mastery.