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Legal Page


LAST UPDATED December 18, 2023


Only products purchased from authorized Jacob & Co. resellers are eligible for exchange within 30 days of purchase


All products personalized in any way or made to custom specifications, cannot be canceled or exchanged, including without limitation, engraved products.

All sales are final, and all deposits nonrefundable.


All credits issued, for any reason, must be used in full no later than six (6) months from the date issued.


This Internet site is the property of Jacob & Co., and all of the content and products displayed on this site are protected under the copyright and trademark laws of the United States and worldwide. Watch styles are also protected by design patents and design registrations. Use of any of the pictures on this site constitutes copyright infringement. Jacob & Co. has strived to ensure that the information posted on this site is correct and up-to-date. Jacob & Co. reserves the right to correct the site's content at any time without warning and further does not guarantee the correctness, precision, thoroughness or completeness of all the information available on this site.


Jacob & Co watches and jewelry are sold exclusively through authorized Jacob & Co Distributors and Retailers who possess the necessary knowledge, skills and technical know-how, and whom are best suited to guide our clients through the extensive range of available products (watches and jewelry), advise our clientele on the technical aspects of our watches and/or complications, help our clients in product selection, prepare the selected product(s) for the maximized comfort of our customers, and ensure that the Warranty Certificate is issued.

The Jacob & Co two-year Warranty may only be completed, dated and signed by an authorized Jacob & Co Distributor/Retailer at the time of purchase who are responsible for registering this information on behalf of the client with Jacob & Co headquarters. Warranty is only valid if the product was sold through an authorized Jacob & Co Distributor/Retailer and the Warranty Certificate is presented with the referenced piece of watch or jewelry to either an authorized Jacob & Co Distributor/Retailer or to an authorized Jacob & Co Service Center. Warranty Certificates that have altered in any way after being issued (e.g. serial number been replaced, erased and/or made illegible) are invalid and the referenced product(s) are no longer eligible for warranty repairs.

Failure to comply with the conditions of the Jacob & Co Warranty shall render the Warranty null and void. The Jacob & Co Warranty shall not cover theft, loss or damage caused by accidental consequences (including but not limited to drops, blows, shocks and crushing), misuse, abuse, improper repairs performed by a non-authorized service center and/or damage caused by either natural disasters, extraordinary wear and/or moisture damage.