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The Dew Drop Earrings

The Dew Drop Earrings are a masterclass in the art of diamond setting, featuring a pair of large GIA-certified white diamonds as centerpieces. Their respective weights of 12.94 carat and 12.20 carat make them as similar as drops of water on a flower petal. These exceptional gemstones’ brilliant-cut maximizes their sparkle and shine, creating a mesmerizing display of light.

These centerpiece diamonds are surrounded by a cascade of eight GIA-certified brilliant-cut diamonds, ranging in size from 1.22 to 2.14 carats. These strings of diamonds add depth and life to the design, creating a sense of flow.

Adding a touch of modern luxury to the earrings are 2.88 carats of pavé-set white diamonds ensuring maximum brilliance. These diamonds adorn the setting, creating a seamless halo of light from top to bottom.

The diamonds are set in sleek 18k white gold, providing a clean and contemporary backdrop for the gemstones. The white gold accentuates the brilliance of the diamonds, allowing them to take center stage.

The Dew Drop Earrings are more than a piece of jewelry – they're a symbol of enduring love, a declaration of one's unique style and status. For those who demand the extraordinary, the Dew Drop Earrings are a true masterpiece.

The Dew Drop Earrings are filled with the magic that occurs when Jacob & Co.’s exceptional design meets extraordinary gemstones.