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Rare Touch Emerald Collar Mesh Choker

In the heart of the Rare Touch Emerald Collar Mesh Choker lies a splendor of nature : an 8.96 carat, emerald-cut Colombian emerald. This majestic gemstone was selected by Jacob & Co. for its vivid green hue and crystal clarity, both extremely rare in Colombian emeralds. The heft and quality of this gem commands attention and inspires awe.

Jacob & Co. created the Rare Touch collection inspired by the feel of a cloth, made of the finest gold mesh. Like a piece of extraordinary garment, this cloth is smooth, comfortable and extremely precious. Rare Touch high jewelry underlines and blends with the body it lies on, enhancing it with the sheen of hundreds of white diamonds. The craft is rare, the touch is luxurious and the feel, contemporary.

Accentuating the 8.96 ct. emerald's intense color are 83.35 carats of brilliant-cut diamonds, scattered throughout the white gold weave. Each one is masterfully set to create a halo of light. These diamonds, with their exemplary clarity and cut, amplify the emerald's vivid color, resulting in a mesmerizing chromatic display.

The Rare Touch Emerald Collar Mesh Choker is more than a piece of jewelry - it's a symbol of enduring elegance, a masterpiece that transcends time and trends.

Experience the Rare Touch Emerald Collar Mesh Choker, and discover the magic that occurs when nature's wonders meet Jacob & Co.’s artistry and craftsmanship.