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Golden Splendor Bracelet

Golden Splendor is a celebration of Fancy Yellow diamonds. 40 of these intensely colored diamonds make up this unique take on the Tennis bracelet, totaling 66.53 carats of radiant-cut gemstones. These exceptional diamonds, with their IF to VS2 clarity, boast a vibrant color that commands attention with subtlety.

The radiant cut, with its unique faceting, maximizes brilliance while emphasizing the gemstones' beautiful color. This, combined with the Fancy Light Yellow classification, makes each one of these 40 diamonds truly rare.

The diamonds are set in two rows of 20, all of them similar in size and heft, creating a bracelet of continuous brilliance. Delicate yellow gold bars separate the gemstones, adding warmth and sophistication to the design.

Adding modern luxury to the bracelet are 1.24 carats of pavé-set yellow diamonds, ensuring maximum brilliance. These diamonds adorn the findings and clasp, creating a seamless flow of sunlight all around.

The bracelet itself is crafted from 18K yellow gold, providing a rich and luxurious backdrop for the diamonds. The yellow gold accentuates the warm hue of the gemstones, allowing them to take center stage.

Experience the Golden Splendor Bracelet, and discover the magic that occurs when exceptional design meets extraordinary gemstones.