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Blushing Brilliance Ring

Blushing Brilliance isa pure expression of gem beauty. It features a 9.70 carat Fancy Light Purplish Pink pear-cut diamond as its centerpiece. This exceptional gemstone, certified by the Gemological Institute of America, boasts a vibrant color that renders the very essence of a rose in bloom.

This marvelous pink diamond is surrounded by a line of 13 baguette-cut diamonds, their brilliant white color providing a striking contrast to the colored gemstone. These diamonds, weighing 3.12 carats, refract light with intense brilliance, creating a dazzling frame.

Adding a touch of modern elegance to the design are 1.10 carats of brilliant-cut diamonds, ensuring maximum brilliance. These diamonds adorn the band, creating a seamless flow of light around the white diamond setting.

Blushing Brilliance is set in a combination of sleek platinum and 18k rose gold, complementing the gemstones with their cool and warm tones. The platinum provides a clean, contemporary backdrop for the white diamonds, while the rose gold accentuates the pink hue of the centerpiece.

Blushing Brilliance is more than a piece of Jacob & Co. jewelry. it's a testament to the wearer's discerning eye and taste for the rare and beautiful. It's a symbol of enduring love. For those who demand the extraordinary, Blushing Brilliance offers a unique appeal.

Experience Blushing Brilliance, and discover the magic that occurs when exceptional Jacob & Co. design meets the finest gemstones.