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Blushed Bloom Ring

In the world of high jewelry, few pieces say color explosion quite like the Blushed Bloom ring. This exquisite creation revolves around a 9.31 carat, oval-cut rubellite as its centerpiece. The gemstone's deep red hue is a true marvel of nature, a testament to the subtle beauty found within the earth.

This rubellite is flanked by 1.19 carats of oval-cut diamonds, their brilliant white color providing an understated contrast to the colored gemstone. These diamonds refract light with subtlety, creating a gentle halo that accentuates the rubelite's unique hue without overpowering it.

The 9.31ct rubellite and diamonds are set in sleek platinum, a metal renowned for its strength and luxury. The platinum setting provides a clean, contemporary backdrop for the gemstones, allowing their natural beauty to take center stage. The ring's simple yet elegant design makes it a perfect choice for those who appreciate refined sophistication and exceptional quality.

The Blushed Bloom Ring is a symbol of passionate love, as well as a declaration of one's unique style and status. For those who wish to express individuality, the Blushed Bloom Ring offers ideal balance between intensity and rarity.

Experience the Blushed Bloom Ring, and discover the magic that occurs when exceptional design meets Jacob & Co.‘s extraordinary gemstones.