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Twin Turbo Furious Bugatti 300+
(RETAIL PRICE: $580,000)

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The unthinkable happened on August 2, 2019, when the magical 300 mph barrier was shattered by the Bugatti Chiron Super Sport 300+.

Driven by Andy Wallace, Le Mans winner and official Bugatti test driver, the Chiron zoomed past 300 mph, topping out at 304.77 mph.

A monumental achievement, the record sets Bugatti apart from the rest of the automotive industry.

Created to celebrate the world's fastest series production hypercar, the Jacob & Co. Twin Turbo Furious Bugatti 300+ echoes the hypercar's materials and colors, while introducing a brand-new aesthetic. The black titanium twin triple-axis tourbillon movement includes a decimal minute repeater and a mono-pusher chronograph with reference time. Housed in a forged carbon case, to echo the exposed carbon fiber bodywork of the hypercar, this timepiece is limited to three pieces for the world.

Both Bugatti and Jacob & Co. put a premium on performance, while also emphasizing absolute exclusivity, luxury, unrivalled beauty and exceptional craftsmanship. This new Twin Turbo Furious Bugatti 300+ is no different - the grand complication offers a combination of complications no brand has ever done before, while at the same time it is comfortable and sporty, perfect for everyday wear. Dynamic and supremely comfortable, the Twin Turbo Furious Bugatti 300+ matches Bugatti's performance and excellence standards, while also fulfilling the Bugatti promise of versatility.

About the Partnership

In 2019, Bugatti and Jacob & Co. signed a multi-year partnership to create unique, never-before-seen timepieces. These watches are true to the spirit of both companies, while taking watchmaking to impossible heights.

To inaugurate this partnership led by performance, two timepieces were created. These watches, based on the Twin Turbo Furious and the Epic X Chrono, were directly inspired by the unique design and spirit of Bugatti hypercars.

In 2020, Jacob & Co. and Bugatti introduced the Twin Turbo Furious Bugatti 300+, the Twin Turbo Furious Bugatti La Montre Noir, and the Bugatti Chiron Tourbillon.

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Twin Tourbillons

In the world of watchmaking, the presence of a tourbillon in a watch's movement places the piece among the elite. Jacob & Co.'s Twin Turbo Furious sets itself apart from this rarified group, incorporating two accelerated triple axis tourbillons into its striking design. The tourbillons work to compensate for the effects of gravity on the precision of the movement.

This grand complication movement is made up of 832 individual parts, incredible to consider that many parts coming together, and amazing to see in action. The twin triple-axis tourbillons are in constant motion, completely visible under the special, curved sapphire crystal.

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Twin Turbo Furious Bugatti 300+ Video

Decimal Minute Repeater

Minute repeaters are the most prized complications by collectors and they are among the most difficult complications for watchmakers to conceive. Nevertheless, Jacob & Co. sought to push the boundaries of what was considered technically feasible when bringing the Twin Turbo Furious to life. Most minute repeaters conform to the hours, quarter hours and minutes standard, but the Twin Turbo Furious Bugatti 300+ chimes on demand ten-minute intervals after the hours and before the minutes, a decimal repeater that is very rare in high watchmaking. In fact, you can count the number of manufacturers presenting decimal minute repeaters on one hand and have a few fingers left.
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Monopusher Chronograph with Reference Time

With the Twin Turbo Furious, Jacob & Co. goes even further by adding a very specific monopusher chronograph function. Embodying the brand's determination to always seek new solutions or to create never-before-seen functions, the Twin Turbo Furious chronograph is equipped with a "reference time" indicator. Inspired by pit boards in motor racing, the Twin Turbo Furious reference time display is located in the center of the dial, indicating the difference in seconds in comparison to a reference time

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Planetary Gear Power Reserve

The power reserve is labeled "300+" for this edition of the Twin Turbo Furious, and this is displayed on the dial side at six o'clock. Thanks to an ingenious planetary system comprising a differential gear mechanism, the hand points to a full power reserve on the left, then moves to the right as the 50 hours of reserve winds down. The watch is wound up through the crank placed on the crown at three o'clock.


The Twin Turbo Furious Bugatti 300+ is presented in an entirely unique case of outstanding visual and technical complexity, and wearing comfort that has to be personally experienced to be believed. The case measures 57mm by 52mm and is 17mm thick, including specially curved sapphire crystals on the front and the back that provide a completely unobstructed view of the exceptionally finished 832-component JCFM05 caliber. The forged carbon case alone is comprised of 88 parts.

Technical Specifications


MOVEMENT: Manufacture Jacob&Co. Manual Winding JCFM05; Size: 34x46mm; Height: 13.7mm; Components: 832; Material: Black Titanium; System: Double Triple Axis High- Speed Tourbillon: Internal Cage Flying: in 24 seconds; Intermediary Cage Flying: in 8 seconds; External Cage Flying: in 72 seconds; Regulator between the Triple Axis High-Speed Tourbillon Carriers; Patented Double Mechanical Safetyâ„— Feature During a Chiming Sequence; Integrated Chronograph, Horizontal Column-Wheel, Mono-Pusher Start-Stop-Reset; Power Reserve: 50 hours; Frequency: 21'600 vib/h (3Hz); Jewels: 75; Finishing: Hand Angled and Polished Plate and Bridges; Flank Draw, Circular Graining; Circular Barrel and Plate; Polished Screw; Conical Pinions; 4 Mechanical Ball Bearing Devices; 2 Screw Balance Wheels.

FUNCTIONS: 1. Hours, Minutes; Small Second Indicator at 9 o'clock; 2. Mono-Pusher Chronograph: Minute Counter at 3 o'clock, Centered Second Hand; 3. Reference Time: Minute displayed at 6 o'clock Aperture and Seconds displayed at 12 o'clock; Reference Time Differential, displayed by Chronograph Second Hand on Dial-Trained Pit Board; 4. Decimal Minute Repeater: Hours, 10 min. and minutes; 2 Hammers at 12 o'clock; 5. Double Triple Axis High-Speed Tourbillon; 6. Power Reserve Indicator at 6 o'clock.

CASE: Dimensions: 57x52mm; Height: 17mm; Material: Forged Carbon and Black DLC Grade 5 Titanium

CRYSTAL: Anti-Reflective Domed Sapphire Crystal; Case Back: Sapphire Crystal; Crown: Black DLC Grade 5 Titanium Crank-handle with Rubber Insert; Integrated Mono-Pusher Chronograph; Water resistance: 30m (3atm); External Parts: Complex shaped case, 88 components.

DIAL & HANDS: Dial: Smoked Sapphire with "Jacob&Co." logo and Bugatti logo; Black Indexes with White Superluminova; Hands: Black lacquered; White Superluminova.

STRAP & CLASP: Strap: Black Cordura; Clasp: Black DLC Grade 5 Titanium Deployant Buckle.


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