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The Mystery Tourbillon Blue Sapphire Index With Diamond Bracelet
(RETAIL PRICE: $2,000,000)

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Mystery watches, timepieces where the time indications seem to be floating over the dial, are part of the grand history of watchmaking, going back more than 100 years. It should come as no surprise high watchmaking and diamond jewelry house Jacob & Co. has brought the mystery concept back with a contemporary, unique signature twist.

The Mystery Tourbillon by Jacob & Co features a unique accomplishment in watchmaking, the only timepiece with two linked, central, back-to-back triple axis tourbillons. These Siamese twins of high accuracy are intertwined in a high jewelry accomplishment of the highest magnitude. The 50-mm case is invisibly set with baguette, hexagonal diamonds and the dial is set with hexagonal, "overlapping" diamonds. The sophisticated and ground-breaking Mystery is unique in a great many ways.

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Twin Triple-axis Tourbillons

Powering this incredible timepiece are two Jacob & Co.'s iconic triple-axis tourbillons. They're placed back-to-back, forming but one single rotating ensemble. The pair rotates on a first axis making a full revolution in 60 second. It makes a full revolution on both the second and third axes in two minutes. Theirs is a unique positioning, as most tourbillons are either set at the twelve or six o'clock position. This is the first time that Jacob & Co., or any other watchmaker for that matter, has placed two tourbillons in the center of the watch, and they're triple axis ones to boot. The power reserve for this high watchmaking, complex and demanding movement is an astounding 60 hours.

Mystery Time

The Mystery tells time with two mystery disks, rotating around the twin triple axis tourbillons, all the more mysterious as they are drowned in diamonds. The only way to actually tell they're moving would be to constantly gaze at them, or to spot the motions of the two rubies, which serve as indicators like hands would in any other timepiece. The minute disk is set with 119 white diamonds (≈ 6.80 ct.) and one ruby (≈ 0.18ct.) to point the minute. The hour disk is set with another 119 white diamonds (≈ 7.93ct.) and one red ruby (≈ 0.28ct.) to show the hours. The outer ring is set with 108 white diamonds (≈ 4.56ct.) and 12 hexagonal blue sapphires (≈ 1.49ct.) acting as static hour markers.

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Mystery Tourbillon Blue Sapphire Index With Diamond Bracelet Video



In order to further the brilliance and lavishness of the Mystery Tourbillon, Jacob & Co. has devised a dedicated bracelet. Made of 18K White Gold, it is another piece of gemsetting art. It harbors a total of 446 baguette-cut white diamonds for a total weight of 42.26ct.

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Special Gemsetting

The case of the Mystery Tourbillon is set with baguette hexagonal diamonds according to the invisible setting technique. The dial is set with hexagonal, "overlapping" diamonds. This extremely rare and demanding skill provides the gemstones with extra relief, extra density, which only enhance their incredible light.

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The 50mm 18K white gold case is completely paved, and there is no crown. The watch is set and wound via two bows located on the case back. In-between the visible parts of the white gold frame, the caseband and lugs are set with 192 white diamonds in a mosaic-like, seamless arrangement totaling 12.41 ct.

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Technical Specifications

Item Number: SN800.30.BD.AA.A30BD

MOVEMENT: Manufacture Jacob&Co. Manual Winding JCAM32; Diameter: 42.80mm; Height: 15mm; Components: 430; Power Reserve: 60-Hours; Frequency: 21'600 vib/h (3 Hz); Jewels: 68; Decoration: 2 rubies on the tourbillon; System: Triple Axis Tourbillon; Finishing: Screws, Bridges and plates: Mirror polished; Barrels: Circular Graining.

FUNCTIONS: Differential Twin Triple Axis Tourbillon Cage:

• 1st Axis: in 1min

• 2nd Axis: in 2min

• 3rd Axis: in 2min.

CASE: Diameter: 50mm; Thickness: 25mm; Material: 18K White Gold; Case Back: 18K White Gold; Bows: Winding and Time-Setting via 18K White Gold lift-out rotating "bows" at case back; Case & Lugs: 18K White Gold; 192 White Diamonds (≈ 12.41 ct.); Inner Ring: 12 Blue Sapphires (≈ 1.49ct.) and 108 White Diamonds (≈ 4.56ct.); Crystal: Unique Domed Sapphire with Anti-refl ective Treatment; Water resistance: 30m.

DIAL & HANDS: Minutes Dial: 119 White Diamonds (≈ 6.80ct.); 1 Ruby (≈ 0.18ct.); Hours Dial: 119 White Diamonds (≈ 7.93ct.); 1 Ruby (≈ 0.28ct.).

BRACELET:18K White Gold Bracelet set with 446 Baguette White Diamonds (≈ 42.26 ct.)


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