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The World Is Yours Dual Time Zone

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The World Is Yours Dual Time Zone is a tribute to the watch that started it all. The watch that opened the world and the world of watchmaking to Jacob Arabo. The World Is Yours Dual Time Zone is a tribute to an Arabov family heirloom, a double time zone watch that Jacob Arabov received at the age of 13, from the hands of his father, Nison Arabov. A timepiece that represents the world as if saying "Go, my son! Go conquer it!".

A timepiece so special in his eyes that it gave him the desire and the determination to one day create his own timepieces. It is the original spark that inspired every single Jacob & Co. timepiece. This watch is still in the family, waiting to be passed on to the next generation.

Creation is a personal, emotional process for Jacob Arabo. And this one rings closest to the heart. So The World Is Yours Dual Time Zone is more than a two timezone watch, with independent hours and minutes. It's more than a piece of beautiful craft, with a great domed dial, featuring the Earth as seen from the sky. It's proof that a father's love can be the key that unlocks the world, and makes it yours.

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The Design Inspiration

The timepiece Jacob Arabov received from his father bears the once-famous Wakmann brand name. It features a two time zone complication, with two sub-dials, accomplished by inserting two different movements inside one single case. The gilded dial represents a map view of the world where the subdials are caught between two engravings, one of Europe, the other of the Americas. Such a layout was a rare sight at the time, and not traditional at all.

Because of this original inspiration, the first complication Jacob & Co. implemented in The World Is Yours collection is a double time zone with two sub-dials. It also features a central, small seconds hand shaped like a wind rose. It is a nod to the true North, a symbolic bearing, just like the one Nison Arabov gave his family as a legacy.

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The World Map Dial

The World Is Yours houses a fine craft dial whose surface is stamped with a sky view of the Western hemisphere. The continents' outlines are carved with a high precision laser. Their surface is stamped using a purpose-built, high-accuracy mold. All three sub-dials are carved into the dial plate. The entire piece then undergoes a galvanic treatment covering it in rose gold. The oceans and seas are lacquered blue, an operation so delicate it's entirely made by hand.

The dial surface is an ample curve. The height difference between its lower and highest points is an astonishing 3.7 mm. That is so wide that all the hands are tilted by no less than 12 degrees. Especially the central, small seconds hand, which is shaped like a wind rose.

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The Case

The World Is Yours inaugurates an entirely new case where everything is curved. Case, caseband, caseback, bezel, crystal, The World Is Yours is rounded like Earth. Sized at 43-mm, it's elegant, with a thin profile presented in a polished finish. It's followed by a thin bezel and contains a deeply recessed crown. Crafted out of rose gold, it's topped by a wide, curved sapphire crystal.

A timepiece named The World Is Yours should represent the entire world. That is what a laser engraving on the caseback accomplishes : introduce a thorough world map, where Jacob & Co.'s logo is situated near Uzbekistan, the place where the Arabov family comes from.

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The original Wakmann timepiece Jacob Arabo received was a practical watch with an original design. The World Is Yours Dual Time Zone perpetuates its complication, updated to contemporary standards, with an exclusive self-winding caliber.

At the center of the domed dial sits a small seconds. Usually located anywhere else, this one is central, and shaped like a wind rose. It belongs to both time zones. And it's a reminder of the importance of finding one's bearings in the world.

The crown located on the right side of the 43-mm case has three positions. Winding, time setting for the lower time zone, time setting for the upper time zone. It's up to the wearer to choose which one is local time.

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The World Is Yours Dual Time Zone Video

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The World Is Yours Dual Time Zone indicates two time zones, complete with hours and minutes. Each one zone can be set down to the minute. This rare feature is crucial in Jacob & Co.'s view. It is the only way countries with unusual UTC time offsets, like India, can display both local time and home time accurately.

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Technical Specifications


Caliber: Manufacture Jacob & Co. Self-Winding JCAA11
Diameter: 29.50 mm
Height: 6.80 mm
Components: 206
Jewels: 33
Power Reserve: 42 Hours
Frequency: 28'800 vib/h (4 Hz)
• Double timezone with independent hours and minutes
• Central Small Seconds

Diameter: 43 mm
Height: 14 mm
Material: 18K Rose Gold
Case Back: 18K Rose Gold; Laser-Engraved World Map
Crystal: Sapphire with Anti-Reflective Treatment
Water resistance: 30 m (3 atm)

Blue Lacquered Dial, Stamped Continents with Rose Gold Finish;
Compass Rose in the center; Rose Gold-Plated Hands; Hand-Fitting inclined at 12°

Strap: Blue Alligator Leather
Clasp: 18K Rose Gold Pin Buckle

Limited Edition: 999 pieces

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