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Billionaire Double Tourbillon

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Launched in 2015 as a unique piece, Billionaire, first of the name, was an unheard-of timepiece. Created as a bespoke project, it took several years to find, sort, cut and prep its 239 emerald-cut white diamonds. It was an enterprise of incredible proportions, as was its price of USD 18 million. Its signature, filigree, skeleton tourbillon movement put it at the top of the watchmaking foodchain. Billionaire garnered immense international attention, prompting Jacob & Co. to make an entire collection out of this stratospheric concept.

With 424 diamonds totaling 161 ct, Billionaire II took the initial concept even further. Its tourbillon movement was set with 57 baguette-cut diamonds, another unprecedented feat. This paved the way for the 18-piece limited series Billionaire III and its 714 white baguette-cut diamonds. Billionaire III Diamonds and Rubies opened yet another door in the collection's repertoire with a flange, movement and crown set with a total of 134 rubies. Jacob & Co. then explored the vast possibilities offered by the prestigious Ahoka-cut with the unique piece called Billionaire Ashoka. It was followed by Billionaire Ashoka Smaller, a limited edition of 18 pieces set with 480 Ashoka-cut diamonds ( 100 ct.)

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A New Billionaire

Billionaire Double Tourbillon is a limited series of 18 pieces in white gold, set with emerald-cut white diamonds weighing 144.7 ct. A total of 749 gems cover the dial, case, bracelet and clap of this extraordinary addition to the Billionaire collection.

Billionaire Double Tourbillon is a first in the Billionaire collection on many counts. It is the first in the series with a full dial, full meaning it's entirely set with 168 baguette-cut diamonds, laid out in a "brick wall" pattern. It is the first in the series to come on both a detachable bracelet, fully set with emerald-cut diamonds, as well as blue alligator leather strap with its own, separate diamond-set clasp. And it is the first in the series to feature a movement other than a skeleton tourbillon. Caliber JCAM50 is a double flying tourbillon movement of extremely high finishings. The latter are clearly visible from the back as this is in fact a skeleton movement

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Double Tourbillon Movement

Caliber JCAM50 is an entirely new creation in the Jacob & Co. lineup of extremely high watchmaking movements. It's built on a skeleton structure of geometrical shape. The Art-Deco bridges echoe the Brick Wall dial pattern. The movement contains a pair of barrels, each one being intimately connected to a tourbillon. These two regulating organs are only tethered to the movement filigree structure by their underpinnings, making them flying tourbillons.

They provide their extremely accurate level of timekeeping to Billionaire Double Tourbillon thanks to a differential system that unites their chronometric information and transfers it to the pair of hands in the center. Caliber JCAM50 offers a comfortable power reserve of 72 hours.

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Billionaire Double Tourbillon Video

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Signature Craft

All Billionaires are made unique by the cream-of-the-crop quality of the diamonds Jacob & Co. has been using since the first Billionaire was released. All of them, in all Billionaire models, are white, IF-VVS/G+ and without fluorescence, and so is the case for Billionaire Double Tourbillon. Finding hundreds of such gems, time after time, edition after edition, piece after piece, is yet another accomplishment of immense proportions. All the more so as they are large and emerald-cut, which demands larger roughs to begin with.

Since the first Billionaire edition in 2015, Jacob & Co. has been consistently using the prestigious emerald-cut on all Billionaires (except for two Billionaire Ashoka editions). This stepped cut is very demanding in its technique and the quality of diamonds it demands. Emerald-cut diamonds require roughs that are considerably larger than the traditional brilliant cut. Their shape naturally leads to crafting diamonds with a hefty pavilion, where most of the weight disappears inside the setting structure.

Since any gem-set watch is by definition based on a closed setting, there is no light coming from under the diamonds. Jacob & Co. is therefore adamant about cutting the Billionaire gems with minimal depth, reserving the gem weight for the crown, which is the upper part of the gem. All of these self-defined demands are the result of Jacob & Co.'s relentless quest for quality and gem brilliance. They require larger roughs still, making the exclusivity and cost of each diamond on Billionaire Double Tourbillon even higher.

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Removable Bracelet And Strap

Billionaire Double Tourbillon is a full diamond timepiece. Its case, dial and bracelet are entirely covered in white diamonds, as every Billionaire has ever been. The bracelet itself is a major enterprise, as it contains no less than 504 emerald-cut diamonds, weighing a total of 94.5 carats. Its white gold structure is responsible for a large part of Billionaire Double Tourbillon total gold weight of 355 grams.

For the first time, Jacob & Co. has designed a removable bracelet. With the proper tools and care, the diamond and gold element can be taken off the case. Billionaire Double Tourbillon is delivered with a separate strap, made of blue alligator leather and its own diamond-set folding clasp. Billionaire Double Tourbillon has a double personality and a doubly exclusive nature.

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Curved Case

Billionaire Double Tourbillon has a 54 x 40 mm white gold case. It's beginning and end are not easy to grasp as it seamlessly blends with the diamond-set bracelet. This continuity is one of Billionaire's key features. Nevertheless, the Billionaire Double Tourbillon case benefits from a special treatment as it receives the largest gems in the entire construction: 76 diamonds for a total weight of 38.08 ct, and a 1 carat, rose-cut crown. It measures only 11 mm in thickness. But its design does not rely on these dimensions.

There is a particular sense of fit and comfort associated with the Billionaire collection. As the timepiece is entirely made of white gold, the structure needed to set the 749 diamonds weighs 355 grams. So the Billionaire Double Tourbillon case is curved, as are its front and back sapphire crystals, so as to create a true piece of high jewelry, with elegant lines and a perfectly rounded profile.

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Brick Wall Dial

Billionaire Double Tourbillon is the first Billionaire timepiece with a full dial. In this case, and being a member of the Billionaire collection, means full of diamonds, of course. The white gold dial plate accommodates a total of 168 baguette-cut diamonds, laid out in an alternating pattern knows as "brick wall" dial. Two large, circular openings are carved in the precious arrangement. They make room for the pair of tourbillon carriages.

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Technical Specifications

Item Number: BL140.30.BD.AA.A30BD


Caliber: Exclusive Jacob&Co. Manual Winding JCAM50

Dimensions: 40.15 x 31.45 mm

Height: 8.24 mm

Components: 460

Power Reserve: 72 hours

Frequency: 21’600 vib/h (3 Hz)

Jewels: 58

Functions: Hours and Minutes, Double Flying One-minute Tourbillon




Dimensions: 54 x 40 mm

Height: 11 mm

Material: 18K White Gold

Caseback:  Sapphire Crystal

Crystal: Sapphire with Anti-Reflective Treatment

Water resistance: 30 m (3 bar – 3atm)

Gem-setting : 76 emerald-cut white diamonds (~ 38.08 ct.), crown set with 1 rose-cut diamond (1 ct.)



Dial & Hands: 

Dial:  18K White Gold

Hands: Rhodium-plated, Skeleton with white SuperLuminova tips

Gem-setting : 168 baguette-cut white diamonds (~ 11.12 ct.) 


Strap & Clasp: 

Bracelet: 18K White Gold and blue alligator leather

Clasp: 18K White Gold Deployment Buckle

Gem-setting : 504 emerald-cut white diamonds (~ 94.50 ct.)


Total Carat Weight:

749 White Diamonds (~ 144.70 ct.)


Total Gold Weight:

~ 355 gr.


Limited Edition:

18 Pieces

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