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Rose Gold


Jacob & Co. has entered into a partnership with Paramount Pictures and acquired the rights to The Godfather. Jacob & Co. has gained access to the name, imagery, narrative and music from the iconic motion picture. These have become the inspiration for the ultimate movie tribute timepiece.


Opera Godfather Minute Repeater is a tribute piece and a music playing timepiece. The 49-mm case contains visual, symbolic and graphic elements directly taken from the movie. A portrait of Marlon Brando as Don Vito Corleone. The puppeteer strings from the movie poster. A piano and a violin-shaped crank as a reference to the ubiquitous Nino Rota soundtrack, whose main theme the music box plays on demand. The Godfather was the first movie Jacob Arabo saw in a movie theater after coming to the U.S.A. The Godfather is not just a watchmaking achievement. It is a deeply personal creation, a uniquely entertaining timepiece and a thrilling concept.

From a creative partnership to design inspiration. From the first stroke of a pencil through hundreds of iterations. A timepiece like no other comes to life. Shaped like an open scene, Opera Godfather Minute Repeater is about theatrics, and meaning.


Caliber JCFM07 is a movement like no other. It combines high watchmaking, The Godfather's actual music and the chiming sound of time. The movement rotates as it plays the movie's famous main theme. Two sets of combs and blades play the notes of that 30-second tune, which resonate far outside the case. And upon request, it will tell the time it is with sound thanks to the minute repeater complication. Caliber JCFM07 also includes a triple-axis, flying tourbillon. This extremely rare complication is made even more special as it rotates along with the rest of the movement when the on-demand melody is activated. Opera Godfather Minute Repeater is a doubly musical timepiece. This feature in itself is entirely unique in today’s watchmaking, adding to the existing rarity and exclusivity of the original Opera Godfather functionalities. As a result, with a total of 758 components and some of the most demanding complications available, Caliber JCFM07 commands an unrivaled level of craft, musicality, ambition and complexity.

758 components. Music box playing 30-second The Godfather theme with rotating movement. Minute repeater. Triple-axis flying tourbillon. Godfather-inspired decor.


The Opera Godfather Minute Repeater places its functional elements and complications on top of a three-dimensional base. It tells time with a central dial and a chiming sequence. It features a flying, high speed, triple-axis tourbillon and a minute repeater, two complications mastered only by the most qualified movement constructors and watchmakers.


Opera Godfather Minute Repeater is dedicated to the namesake motion picture, its actors, its authors and fans. It's also a statement piece, showing what luxury watchmaking becomes when freed from conventions and limitations.



Rose Gold

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