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Fleurs De Jardin Blue Sapphires Green Tsavorite White Gold
(RETAIL PRICE: $380,000)

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The Astronomia Fleurs de Jardin White Gold Blue Sapphires Green Tsavorite recreates a beautiful blooming garden of flowers on your wrist. The delicate openworked butterfly flying tourbillon, mother-of-pearl time display and multi-colored kite-shaped flowers all turn around the Astronomia dial clockwise in ten minutes, while the mother-of-pearl base set with blue sapphires turns counter-clockwise at the same speed. The 18k white gold case features a bezel and inner ring set with blue sapphires. Sitting atop the movement is a spherical tsavorite featuring the 288-facet Jacob Cut.

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Underlying all this gem-set beauty lies the legendary timepiece workmanship for which Jacob & Co. is known. This includes the Astronomia double-axis flying tourbillon movement, which makes a full clockwise revolution in 10 minutes around the central axis, while it rotates on itself once every 60 seconds.

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The Fleurs de Jardin Blue Sapphires Green Sapphire is comprised of elements above and on the base dial which turn both clockwise and counterclockwise, thanks to the iconic and versatile Astronomia vertical movement.

Above the dial is the flying tourbillon, the time display and a secondary frame holding three colorful flowers made with kite-shaped multicolored gems, which turns clockwise in ten minutes. An additional gem-set flower turns counterclockwise while going around the dial in ten minutes as well.

The time display uses a patented Differential Gears System that allows the 12/6 o'clock to remain in the correct position regardless of where it is during the 10-minute rotation.

On the base dial, the mother-of-pearl middle section set with gemstone flowers and a row of baguette blue sapphires, turns counter-clockwise in ten minutes, while the inner gem-set ring with a row of blue sapphires turns clockwise in ten minutes.

This constant motion is mesmerizing and ensures that your watch will never look the same throughout the day.

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Jacob & Co. is one of the few brands that has the legitimacy to create high and fine jewelry, as well as highly complex mechanical watches.

The diamond and gemstones industry is a closed society, and it is really a relationship business. Sourcing the very best diamonds and gemstones depends on reputation and personal connections, and Jacob & Co. has solid, decades-long relationships.

As a result, Jacob & Co. has access to the very best sources of diamonds and gemstones from all over the world. Many of the gem-set timepieces, like the Fleurs de Jardin, require meticulous care in the choosing of stones for quality, cut, clarity, and matching color. This can take many months or years, depending on the exact colors needed.

Jacob & Co. is also an expert in the setting of these stones, working with the very best gem setters in the industry. In fact, Jacob & Co. has even pioneered its own proprietary cut, the 288-facet Jacob Cut. The Fleurs de Jardin features colorful flowers made with kite-shaped multicolored gems, and a 0.81-carat Jacob Cut tsavorite atop the Astronomia vertical movement in the center of the
timepiece. Both the Jacob Cut and the kite-shaped gems required the most skillful gem cutters to produce these shapes.

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The Fleurs de Jardin Blue Sapphires Green Tsavorites is housed in a very wearable
and comfortable 42.5mm 18K white gold case. Anti-reflective sapphire crystals
cover the front, back and sides of the watch, while baguette blue sapphires adorn the bezel and the inner case ring.

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The hour and minute subdial of the Fleurs de Jardin is made of titanium and mother-of-pearl with PVD rose gold Roman numeral hours. As this dial is constantly turning, the time display always stays in the correct 12/6 position thanks to an ingenious patented differential system. The hands indicating the time are rhodium plated.

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Technical Specifications

Item Number: AF321.30.BB.AA.B

Movement: Caliber: Exclusive Manufacture Jacob & Co. Manual Winding JCAM31 Diameter: 34.55mm Height: 16.50mm Components: 444 Material: Titanium Functions: Hours and Minutes System: Vertical Movement with 3 Arms, Full Revolution in 10 min around a Central Axis • Flying Tourbillon Cage in 60 seconds • Hours and Minutes Dial, Patented Differential Gears System℗ allows to keep the 12/6 O'clock position

Tsavorite Jacob cut® (288 facets - 0.81 ct) with Ruby petals on top of the movement; Hanging Flowers made of Kiteshaped Multicolored Gemstones (Pink Sapphires, Icy Blue Sapphires, Tsavorites, Amethysts, Orange Sapphires and Rubies) make a full revolution clockwise in 10 minutes, while the Dancing Flower rotates counterclockwise on itself in 60 seconds.

Mother-of-pearl Floral Ring carrying 5 Multicolored Flowers ( 0.46 cts.) makes a full revolution counterclockwise in 10 minutes, while the central ring invisibly set with 46 Icy Blue Sapphires ( 1.05 cts.) makes a clockwise rotation in 10 minutes.

Case: Diameter: 42.5mm Height: 21mm Material: 18K White Gold; Case Back: 18K White Gold; Case Band: Single-Piece Sapphire Crystal; Bezel: 18K White Gold and 40 Icy Blue Sapphires ( 3.7cts); Inner Ring: 48 Icy Blue Sapphires ( 1.31cts); Bows: Winding and Time-Setting via two 18K White Gold bows; Crystal: Unique Domed Sapphire with Double-sided Anti-Reflective Treatment

Dial: Dial: Titanium and Mother-of-Pearl; Hands: Rhodium

Strap & Clasp: Strap: Alligator or Satin Clasp: 18K White Gold, Butterfly shaped folding clasp with 44 Icy Blue Sapphires (~0.76 cts)

Limited Edition: 101 pieces

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