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Flight of CR7 - Rose Gold


Cristiano Ronaldo is a long-standing and close partner to Jacob & Co. He and Founder and Chairman Jacob Arabo have established a strong relationship based in trust and respect over the past twenty years. Jacob Arabo met Cristiano Ronaldo when the Madeira-born football player was a promising rising star and their friendship has never failed ever since. Both men immediately found common ground in their quest for excellence. They crafted their success from the ground up and achieved it through relentless determination and work. Their relationship has now grown into a business venture in which Jacob & Co. designs and manufactures timepieces after the image of Cristiano Ronaldo, which are co-branded by both powerhouses.


The Jacob & Co x CR7 Epic X collection is a profoundly personalized version of the Epic X. Flight of CR7 and Heart of CR7 both have all its identity markers : a 44 mm case with X-shaped lugs, a smooth and polished or diamond-set bezel and a colored crown and flange. They’re powered by one of Jacob & Co's most emblematic calibers. This skeleton movement offers a striking architecture. Its two vertical pillars form the central part of the X shape initiated by the lugs, whose entire design gave the name Epic X. In the Jacob & Co x CR7 Epic X collection, these two pillars are designed to represent Cristiano Ronaldo and the CR7 brand. The left pillar takes on the shape of Cristiano Ronaldo in various postures while the right one bears the CR7 logo and the man's hand-signature. The skeleton barrel cover is shaped like a football. Another image of Cristiano Ronaldo himself, wearing his iconic, lucky number 7 jersey, is gold-printed on the caseback's colored sapphire crystal.

From a creative concept to design inspiration. To the first stroke of a pencil through hundreds of iterations. A timepiece like no other comes to life. Epic X Flight of CR7 and Epic X Heart of CR7 are a celebration of football hall-of-famer and acclaimed athlete Cristiano Ronaldo.


Caliber JCAM45 is an integral part of the Epic X CR7 identity. It was designed as a skeleton from inception. It benefits from a free, graphic structure. The wide barrel at 12 o'clock and balance wheel at 6 o'clock define the caliber's verticality. It is enhanced by the vertical bridges that run along them. The left pillar takes on the shape of Cristiano Ronaldo himself wearing his lucky number 7 jersey. Caliber JCAM45 is openworked to the extreme. What's left of the black-plated surfaces of the mainplate is finished with perlage (circular graining), sandblasting and vertical-graining. A look at the movement's back reveals another iconic image of Cristiano Ronaldo. Printed in gold on a colored and translucent slab of mineral glass, it's covered by a sapphire caseback.

44-mm case. Cristiano Ronaldo image and signature on the bridges. Colored sapphire caseback with gold-printed image of CR7. Skeleton movement. Vertically-aligned structure. 158 components. 48-hour power reserve.


Epic X Flight of CR7 and Epic X Heart of CR7 are ruled by design and so is caliber JCAM45. Functionally, it is an hour and minute movement. In spirit, its skeleton structure follows both the technical X rule and imagery guidelines defined by Cristiano Ronaldo.


Epic X Flight of CR7 and Epic X Heart of CR7 are high-end pieces of fan service. All those who admire, love and are inspired by the achievements of Cristiano Ronaldo will appreciate the creation. The symbols, the care and the level of craftsmanship are worthy of Jacob & Co.'s exclusivity and CR7's fame.



Flight of CR7 - Rose Gold

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