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When launching the new Epic X collection in 2016, Jacob & Co. ventured into a new direction, with new shapes, new material and a new frame of mind. The inspiration of the design came from the letter X which symbolizes something unknown, mysterious and appealing which was the energy of the brand at the time. Epic X Chrono Baguette is the high function, high sports, high jewelry evolution of Epic X. A natural step in the complication and design direction, Epic X Chrono Baguette retains all the core elements of its namesake collection, and takes them all one level higher. A level that the chronograph perfectly represents, a level that an extensive setting of baguette-cut diamonds personifies. The multi-parts case construction allows a unique diversity of materials and different levels of gem-setting, each bringing its own style, luxury and energy into the mix. The mineral, colored, translucent dial gives a peek onto its core components. The same material is used on the case back to reveal the winding rotor, with its signature Jacob & Co. shape.


Epic X Chrono Baguette requires a movement that brings all the energy of Epic X and takes it up one notch. Caliber JCAA05 is a self-winding chronograph with two registers, a configuration called bi-compax. The classic movement architecture, with horizontal clutch, column wheel and two pushers is interpreted in a sporty fashion. Along with its chronograph function, Epic X Chrono Baguette comes with a rare feature. Its inner ring is not fixed. It rotates on demand thanks to a second crown at 10 o'clock. This allows to create time marks, or a countdown process that adds to the piece's natural complexity. The case is engineered to shield every protruding part. The crown, the pushers, the countdown crown are all inserted in pieces that come out of the case's round shape. This ruggedness is further enhanced by the case's is water-resistance to 200 meters.


Caliber JCAA05 is all a chronograph can be. Functional, sturdy, finely finished, it bears the signature design elements of Jacob & Co. and of the Epic X collection.


Depending on the extent of its gem-setting, Epic X Chrono Baguette can be a highly sports-oriented chronograph, or a purely and intensely luxurious one. Versatility lies at the core of a great chronograph, and Epic X Chrono Baguette has been developed to be just that.



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