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Billionaire is born from the profound love Jacob Arabo has for diamonds. Of all gems, it holds a special place in his creative heart and mind. Since his earliest days as a jeweler, he has developed a passion for perfection, for the most lavish, large, white and pure of diamonds. And even more so for the rarest of them all: colored diamonds. Since the early days of Jacob & Co., Jacob Arabo has dreamt about a culminating creation where diamonds and watchmaking would peak together. In 2016, that intimate calling came to fruition with the release of a skeleton, tourbillon, one-of-one timepiece entirely set with very large diamonds: Billionaire. Billionaire Timeless Treasure is the first time this original accomplishment is topped. It took three and a half years to gather the gems that make Billionaire Timeless Treasure, and for good reason. It is entirely made of natural yellow diamonds: 425 Asscher-cut, IF to VVS yellow diamonds and 57 baguette-cut yellow diamonds set on its skeleton tourbillon movement. The total of 482 yellow diamonds weighs an incredible 216.9 ct., creating a divine glow for an eternal, one-off timepiece.

From a creative concept to design inspiration. To the first stroke of a pencil through hundreds of iterations. A timepiece like no other comes to life. Billionaire Timeless Treasure is a timepiece the likes of which has never been made: a literal treasure.


Billionaire Timeless Treasure is first and foremost a piece of high jewelry watchmaking. Its movement has been developed to serve the needs of the extensive gem-setting. It therefore stands out by its structure. Rarely has a skeleton movement been supported by bridges so thin. They're laid out in a geometric fashion, mimicking the facets of a diamond. What's more, the bridges of caliber JCAM39 are made of gold. It allows it to receive the 57 baguette-cut baguette yellow diamonds that unite it with the case. Using any material traditional to watchmaking would have been impossible: they're too hard for the setting process, which would have bent the bridges out of shape. Despite its extremely thin bones, caliber JCAM39 is fitted with a high-end tourbillon, vertically aligned with a large barrel. The energy it stores allows this hand-wound movement to beat for 72 hours, a record for a timepiece of this magnitude.

Yellow gold case and bracelet set with 425 Asscher-cut yellow diamonds (215 ct.) and 76 Kite-cut and Emerald-cut Tsavorites (3.59 ct.). Skeleton movement set with 57 baguette-cut yellow diamonds. One-minute tourbillon. 167 components. 72-hour power reserve.


Caliber JCAM39 is as thin and discrete as possible. It leaves diamonds front and center. In order to blend in the dense array of Asscher-cut gems, its delicate bridges are made of gold and set with 57 baguette-cut diamonds.


During a three-and-a-half year treasure hunt across the globe, Jacob & Co. has almost dried up the market for exceptionally large and high quality yellow diamonds to complete Billionaire Timeless Treasure. The first-ever colored Billionaire demanded absolute color uniformity, perfect quality consistency and the brightest of lights. It is one of the most exclusive, rare and exceptional timepieces ever crafted.



Billionaire Timeless Treasure