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Billionaire is born from the profound love Jacob Arabo has for diamonds. Of all gems, it holds a special place in his creative heart and mind. Since his earliest days as a jeweler, he has developed a passion for perfection, for the most lavish, large, white and pure of diamonds. Since the early days of Jacob & Co., Jacob Arabo has dreamt about a culminating creation where diamonds and watchmaking would both peak together. In 2016, that intimate calling came to fruition with the release of a skeleton, tourbillon, one-of-one timepiece entirely set with very large diamonds : Billionaire. With a price tag, number of diamonds and design that had never been seen before, the first Billionaire shattered all records, and was followed by several variations. Billionaire Double Tourbillon is a first in the Billionaire collection on many counts. It is the first one with a full dial, entirely set with 168 emerald-cut diamonds, laid out in a “brick wall” pattern. It is the first to come on a blue alligator leather strap with its own, separate diamond-set clasp. And it is the first in the series to feature a double flying tourbillon movement.

From a creative concept to design inspiration. To the first stroke of a pencil through hundreds of iterations. A timepiece like no other comes to life. Billionaire Double Tourbillon opens a new style direction for the Billionaire collection with its full brick-wall diamond dial and leather strap.


Caliber JCAM50 is built on a skeleton of geometrical shape. However, this openworked structure is kept out of sight. One of the ultimate luxuries Billionaire Double Tourbillon offers is to hide its sophistication under a fully diamond-set, brick-wall pattern dial. It contains two round openings that reveal the piece's namesake double tourbillon. The movement contains a pair of barrels. The energy they store allows this hand-wound movement to beat for 72 hours, a record for a timepiece of this magnitude. Each one is connected to a flying tourbillon. They provide an extremely accurate level of timekeeping to Billionaire Double Tourbillon.

White gold case and bracelet set with 749 emerald-cut white diamonds (144.70 ct.). Skeleton movement. Double one-minute flying tourbillon. Vertically-aligned structure. 460 components. 72-hour power reserve.


The extensive diamond-setting and high watchmaking skeleton movement of Billionaire Double Tourbillon elevate each other. As it's entirely made of white gold, the structure needed to set the 749 diamonds weighs 355 grams.


Large, assertive, brilliant and gleaming with the light of hundreds of large diamonds, Billionaire Double Tourbillon is the ultimate statement of wealth. Its unique allure and newfound versatility are fit for kings and queens, whatever their own particular kind of castle may be.



Double Tourbillon