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Rose Gold


In 2022, Jacob & Co. partnered with Warner Bros and DC Comics to create a Batman-themed timepiece. Drawing inspiration from both Bruce Wayne and the Dark Knight himself, Jacob & Co. uses both characters' attributes. Their personality and lifestyle are all featured in Gotham City as the ultimate Bat-tribute.


Batman and Bruce Wayne are one and the same. To reflect this duality, Gotham City was created in two inseparable versions. One in black DLC titanium, reflecting Batman's dark nature. The other in rose gold, flamboyant like Bruce Wayne. Both versions of Gotham City look like they came out of a Wayne Enterprises secret workshop. Every piece of each watch is a nod to a piece of Bat-gear. The crown is covered with a rubber band shaped like the Batmobile's tires. The case is faceted like the Batsuit. The flying tourbillon carriages are shaped like grappling hooks. The dial is shaped like the Bat-Signal. Even the hands' shape is a nod to the Batarang. On the black DLC titanium version, the caseback features a Batman drawing by Jim Lee, perhaps Batman's most influential artist in the past 20 years. On the rose gold version, it reveals a large bat-shaped, rose gold bridge.

From a creative partnership to design inspiration From the first stroke of a pencil through hundreds of iterations. A timepiece like no other comes to life.Gotham City is a tribute piece of watchmaking, dedicated to Batman's colors, gear and duality.


Tourbillons defy gravity thanks to advanced watchmaking, a branch of engineering. And so does Batman and his pieces of equipment. Therefore developing caliber JCFM10 required a giant innovation leap : translating fantasy gear into micro-mechanical reality. It took several years to achieve a functioning movement containing the ultimate expression of tourbillons. The ones in caliber JCFM10 are flying, just like Batman. They revolve around three axes, which makes sense for a superhero that likes to hang upside down to surprise his foes. And these rotations are fast, Batman-fast. Gotham City is a tribute to Batman down to the last horological detail.

382 components. Twin flying triple-axis tourbillons. Power reserve indicator. Bat-shaped bridge and black onyx dial. 48-hour power reserve.


Gotham City is all about translating a fictional character into a timepiece. A high complication movement, an elaborate case design and numerous details shape up a watch designed like Batman's missing piece of equipment.


The duality of the comic's character invented by Bob Kane is reflected in Gotham City. It's destined for a Jacob & Co. audience that relates to both his identities. That of a playboy billionaire, nonchalant and gifted with good taste. And that of a masked avenger, doling out justice at night.



Rose Gold

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