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Space has long driven Jacob Arabo's creativity. In 2014, he translated his intimate passion into an ambitious timepiece concept. Astronomia Tourbillon is an unheard-of translation of astrophysics into watchmaking form. Its large format version, Astronomia Table Clock, is one of the most complex and special clocks in contemporary watchmaking. The Astronomia Table Clock case is a 128-mm sphere. Shaped like a planet of its own, its front opens along hinges and becomes a stand. Astronomia Table Clock celebrates the wonder of our Solar system with unprecedented motion and scale.

From a creative concept to design inspiration. To the first stroke of a pencil through hundreds of iterations. A timepiece like no other comes to life. As vast, deep and dark as our universe, Astronomia Table Clock is large-scale high watchmaking showmanship.


Creating a miniature, mechanical solar system required going beyond all preconceptions, innovating and breaking barriers, like space exploration. Caliber JCAM17 is one of the most advanced and complex movements in the Jacob & Co. catalog. Caliber JCAM17 is a three-dimensional movement with a central, vertical axis. It carries four satellites. All of them rotate on their individual axis, and around the central axis. A genuine piece of meteorite, an Earth globe, a rotating dial, its complications take on the form of planetary bodies. The rotation of Astronomia's central axis impacts energy management, power reserve and most of all, the impression Astronomia leaves on the viewer. The platform’s full rotation takes 10 minutes. This high speed is mitigated by the movement's overall weight, kept to a minimum with the extensive use of lightweight titanium. As a result, Astronomia Table Clock offers an 8-day power reserve.

Triple-axis flying tourbillon. Rotating piece of meteorite. Rotating Earth globe. Always-upright rotating dial with differential. 399 components. 8-day power reserve.


Astronomia Table Clock blends constant motion and extreme precision on a large scale. It is a choreography of celestial bodies that are actually complications, achieved by exclusive, hand-wound Caliber JCAM17.


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