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Celestial bodies and space exploration have long driven Jacob Arabo's creativity. In 2014, he translated his intimate passion into the ambitious Astronomia concept, a wrist-sized model of a planetary system and its constant motion. Astronomia Maestro is the most complex iteration of the original concept, with a higher degree of celestial realism. The Astronomia Maestro case is designed like an astronomer's observatory. A vast sapphire dome on top and a streamlined gold frame surround a single-block, full sapphire caseband. Their transparency offers a galaxy-wide view. Astronomia Maestro is a celebration of space, at a level of complexity and beauty that makes it unique. Astronomia Maestro features the Milky Way, hand-painted on the blue and starry aventurine base. It features an astronaut, floating in zero gravity, exploring the inside of the rotating movement. It showcases the largest Earth, rotating along, and a diamond-moon. And for once in the Astronomia collection, the hour and minute dial sits in the middle, above it all. It signifies that the passing of time is the maestro of us all.

From a creative concept to design inspiration. To the first stroke of a pencil through hundreds of iterations. A timepiece like no other comes to life. Exceptional crafts such as miniature painting and miniature sculptures spin hand in hand with the most elaborate movement structure.


Creating a miniature, rotating, mechanical solar system required going beyond all preconceptions, innovating and breaking barriers, like space exploration. Caliber JCAM11A is one of the most advanced and complex movements in the Jacob & Co. catalog. The main technical feature that makes Astronomia Maestro the rarest of achievements is its minute repeater with carillon function. There are only a handful of such timepieces, and Maestro is the only one where it's coupled with such a sophisticated set of complications. The integration of so many components, so many functions, most of them excursive to Jacob & Co., is a balancing act similar to floating in zero gravity.

535 components. One full movement rotation in 10 minutes. Minute repeater with carillon. Triple-axis flying tourbillon. Zero-gravity astronaut. World-time indication. Spinning diamond moon. 50-hour power reserve.


Astronomia Maestro blends constant motion and extreme precision. It is a choreography of celestial bodies that are actually complications, achieved by exclusive, hand-wound Caliber JCAM11A.


Astronomia Maestro is a statement. Of the love one has for space, for watchmaking, for breaking boundaries. It combines the most elaborate classic complications, with the daring spin Jacob & Co. puts on classics. Like this timepiece, like its owner, they live in a different dimension.



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