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The Godfather Partnership

For the Opera Godfather, Jacob & Co. has partnered with Paramount Pictures to use the film's iconic theme music. This is the first time Paramount has partnered with a watch company in this way and it was a challenge to secure the rights. Once the deal was done, however, Paramount agreed to license the music, The Godfather logo and the brand is now in negotiations for other iconic movie scores for future projects.

Case & Crystal

The case, case-back and lug structure of the Opera Godfather is crafted from either 18K Rose Gold or Black DLC Grade 5 Titanium. Its front crystal is uniquely domed so as to reveal the entire construction and every detail of the Opera Godfather's incredible complications. The case band is made up by blocks of transparent sapphire crystals as well, to allow for fascinating new viewing angles to appreciate the functioning of JCFM04 caliber. The case-back gives place to the setting bows that replace the traditional crown design. These bows allow for the setting and winding of the Opera Godfather.

Dial & hands

Time is displayed on a matte black sub-dial with a linear design executed in highly polished gold. Hours and minutes are indicated by a set of blue finished hands. Thanks to ingenious engineering solutions working silently inside the JCFM04 caliber, although the entire platform of the Opera Godfather rotates during the operation of the musical box complication, the time display sub-dial nevertheless always remains upright.

Opera Godfather Complication

Godfather Musical Complication

Chiming mechanisms represent some of the most complicated and challenging mechanisms in haute horlogerie. The Opera Godfather brings the rarest type of audible complications to front: that of a musical box, engineered into the strict constraints of a wristwatch and designed to play the iconic theme music of The Godfather, recreated into this purely mechanical format in official partnership with Paramount Pictures.

A single press on the pusher situated at the 10 o'clock position of the case - crafted from 18K Rose Gold or Grade 5 Titanium - initiates the chiming mechanism and sets over 600 components into motion. A pair of uniquely crafted drums begin to rotate at a finely calculated tempo, brushing their 36 teeth against a pair of combs to evoke a total of 120 notes of the original movie track.

In unison with the 30-second operation of the chiming function, the entire movement and dial assembly of the Opera Godfather performs a rotation of 120°, a singular feat that serves as a testament to the powerful engineering that lives inside the JCFM04 caliber.

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