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Rasputin Tourbillon Baguette Emeralds


The Rasputin Tourbillon is a watch of many secrets and concealed debauchery. To reveal its secrets, however, one must first break through a seemingly impenetrable fortress (the watch's case) that is composed entirely of baguette diamonds. The 47.6mm diameter case in 18-carat white gold is fully set with the lustrous stones, spanning from the case band and the bezel to the lugs and the crown. Jacob & Co. watch aficionados may recognize the slider that protrudes from the left-hand side of the case (also set with diamonds), which hints at just one of the timepiece's hidden features. Upon fully pressing the slider, the wearer is treated to an audible indication of the time, provided by the minute repeater function of the JCAM27 manually wound movement. However, when the slider is pressed only lightly, three baguette rubies set beneath it are revealed. After catching a glimpse of the baguette rubies, if the slider is released and pressed again fully, the true treasure of the timepiece is unearthed. The minute repeater chimes and the two swans in the upper half of the dial move. A sector that has been hand engraved with a motif resembling curtains then opens in the lower half of the dial to expose a hand-painted erotic scene that lies beneath. This articulated sector is one of the few components in the watch that is not composed of 18-carat gold and covered with diamonds. Height constraints required the featured material to be resistant, lightweight and as thin as possible, while still strong enough to support the hand engraving. Therefore, so a copper-beryllium alloy was used.

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There is a long history of erotic scenes in watches, dating from the 17th century. Watchmakers started with painted versions, then added automatons that moved and acted out these scenes. Many of the watches had them brazenly on the dial side, while others had them hidden on the caseback.

With the Rasputin, you have the best of both worlds, with the erotic automaton hidden by a curtain that opens to reveal the scene, while the minute repeater chimes out the time.

On the surface, the Rasputin looks like a high-quality, diamond-set timepiece. Only you know the secret that can be revealed with the push of a lever.

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The Rasputin is powered by a high-watchmaking one-minute tourbillon visible through the case back. The tourbillon, invented at the end of the 18th century, is designed to counteract the effects of gravity on the precision of a timepiece. An additional complication of the Rasputin is a minute repeater, with the hours and minutes chimed by Jaquemart Swans framing a heart-shaped ruby. When the minute repeater is actuated, curtains at 6 o'clock open to reveal an automaton erotic scene.

a clock in the middle of a watch

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The incredible Rasputin Grand Complication is housed in a 47.6mm polished 18K white gold case. The case band is invisibly-set with 178 baguette diamonds, while the bezel is invisibly-set with 100 baguette diamonds and the crown is set with 14 baguette diamonds and one cabochon-cut diamond. Even the lever actuating the minute repeater and the curtain is set with 12 baguette diamonds and 3 baguette rubies. The Rasputin features anti-reflective sapphire crystals on the dial side and the case back.

Rasputin Box

The spectacular box for the Jacob & Co. Rasputin Tourbillon hints at what is inside with the erotic sculptures around the outside, protected from the elements by octagonal anti-reflective glass. The box itself is made of black-lacquered natural wood coated with brilliant sheen, while the sculptures themselves are red-lacquered wood covered with a bright nickel-finish. The box is hand-crafted in France, and features a document holder frame.


The 18K white gold dial is invisibly-set with 188 baguette white diamonds (≈ 8.47 ct.) and one heart-shaped ruby (≈ 0.21 ct.). The hand-engraved curtains open to reveal the concealed erotic scene.

The hands of the Rasputin are skeletonized blue leaf.


Powered by a one-minute flying tourbillon movement

Minute repeater chimed by Jaquemart Swans framing a heart-shaped ruby

When the minute repeater is actuated, the hand-engraved curtains at 6 o'clock open to reveal an erotic scene created with mechanical automatons

The 47mm case, bezel, and dial are completely gem-set

Best of both worlds: on the surface, the Rasputin looks like a high-quality, gem-set timepiece. Only you know the secret that can be revealed with the push of a lever

A watchmaking tradition, the erotic automaton was first introduced in the 1600s

Technical Specifications


MATERIAL: Polished 18K White Gold; Case band Invisibly set with 177 Baguette Diamonds (≈ 17.58 ct.); Bezel Invisibly set with 100 Baguette Diamonds (≈ 11.39 ct.); Crown set with 14 Baguette No Oil Emeralds and One Cabochon-cut Diamond (≈ 1.02 ct.); Lever set with 15 Baguette No Oil Emeralds (≈ 0.55 ct.)



MOVEMENT CALIBER: Manual-winding Jacob&Co JCAM27; One-Minute Tourbillon visible through case back


FUNCTIONS: Hours, Minutes; Minute Repeater with Jaquemart Swan Animation; Automaton Erotic Scene

Piece Unique; Only 5 pieces will be made worldwide

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