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Astronomia Art Tigers


Incredibly elusive in nature, the tiger has captivated the world for centuries. These beautiful and alluring big catshave become cultural fixtures, inspiring art, fashion, literature, film, television, and more. As majestic beings that represent courage and power, tigers are often used as a symbol to ward off harm.

When deciding what Astronomia Tourbillon Art piece to create next, the brand's designers turned to the animal world and naturally, the tiger stood out from the rest.

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When the Astronomia Tourbillon was introduced in 2014, the re-invention of the tourbillon in a vertical orientation with the constant turning of its four satellites garnered most of the attention.

What led to the development of the Astronomia Art Collection, however, is the incredible sapphire crystal case, which puts everything on display.

Acting as a gallery, the massive sapphire crystal case beautifully displays the art inside the Astronomia Tourbillon.The brand started with dragons, octopi, spiders, horses, and more. Incredibly successful, Jacob & Co. has expanded the Astronomia Tourbillon Art Collection every year since, and this year, the Tigers take center stage.


The Astronomia Art Tigers is designed to showcase thesemagnificent big cats and call attention to their endangered status, highlighting the fact that there are more tigers in captivity in the USA alone than are living in the wild.

This unique piece showcases the incredible 3-D bas reliefhand-engraved tigers in 18K white gold within the Astronomia Tourbillon sapphire crystal and 18K gold case.

Working with 18K white gold is a challenge, and Jacob & Co.'smaster engraver exceeded all expectations. The incredible engraving of the tigers took months of pain-staking work, because any misstep or mistake meant starting over from scratch. The result is a masterpiece of the engraver's art.

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Astronomia Art Tigers Video


With the engraved tigers underneath, the amazing four satellite Astronomia Tourbillon rotates above. On the four arms are the triple-axis tourbillon, rotating in its first axis in 60 seconds, in its second axis in 2.5 minutes and the third axis is the rotation around the dial in 10 minutes.

On the second satellite is the 288-facet Jacob-cut diamond, rotating on itself in 30 seconds and around the dial in 10minutes.

On the third satellite, directly across from the tourbillon, is the time display, which features a unique and patented differential system that ensures that the 12 is always in the correct position as it turns around the dial in 10 minutes.

On the fourth satellite is the magnesium lacquered globe, which rotates on itself in 30 seconds and travels around the dial in 10 minutes.

The Jacob-Cut Diamond

Jacob & Co. has been on the forefront of using precious stones since its founding in 1986, and has developed a number of special cuts and setting techniques. For the Astronomia Tourbillon, the brand developed the 288-facet Jacob-cut diamond. This special cut can be accomplished by only a select few gem cutters, and the rough stone typically starts out double the size of the finished diamond. The facets have to be incredibly precise so the diamond is perfectly symmetrical and round. In the Astronomia Art, the one carat Jacob-cut diamond rotates on itself in 30 seconds.

The Magnesium Globe

The globe is made of magnesium to ensure consistency in weight, as all four satellites have to weight exactly the same. The globe rotates on itself in 30 seconds.

The Astronomia Art Collection has become an icon within the brand and collectors look to Jacob & Co. to see what's coming next. With the Astronomia Art Tigers, the king of animals is featured in 18K white gold bas relief engraving underneath the fabulous and iconic Astronomia Tourbillon movement.

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The Astronomia Art Tiger's case measures 50 millimeters in diameter and 25 millimeters thick between the highest point of its specially curved front sapphire crystal and the lowest point of its case. Crafted from 18K white gold, the case features four sapphire crystal windows installed throughout the periphery, allowing for unhindered viewing of the spectacular caliber and the artwork inside.


The time display sub-dial of the Astronomia Art Tigers is driven through an infinitesimal differential system that allows it to always remain in the correct, 12/6 position as it rotates together with the movement's four-armed platform across the front of the Astronomia. The Roman numerals on the skeletonized dial are hand-engraved and filled with black lacquer, while the hand-finished hands appear in gun blue metallic.

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At A Glance:

​Bas relief, hand-engraved tigers in 18K white gold

​Iconic gravitational triple-axis tourbillon

`​Four satellite arms turn around the dial in 10 minutes

​288-facet Jacob-cut diamond turning in 30 seconds

​Magnesium globe turning in 30 seconds

​Patented differential system keeps the time display in the correct, 12/6 orientation

​Domed and curved, anti-reflective sapphire crystal

Technical Specifications


MOVEMENT: Exclusive Jacob&Co. Manual Winding JCAM18; Diameter: 40mm; Height: 17.15mm; Components: 365; Material: Titanium; Power Reserve: 60-Hours; Frequency: 21'600 vib/h (3 Hz); Jewels: 42; System: Triple Axis Gravitational Tourbillon; Finishing: Plate and Bridges: Hand Angled and Polished, Flank Draw, Circular Graining, Polished Sink; Polished Screws; Barrel: Circular Graining; Pinions: Conical Pinions; 4 Mechanical Ball Bearing Devices; Flat Balance Spring

FUNCTIONS: Hours, Minutes Dial Rotating in 10 min on the Central Axis, Patented Differential Gears System; 288 Facets Spherical Exclusive Jacob Cut Diamond (1ct.) rotating in 30 sec on 2 axes; Magnesium Lacquered Globe Rotating in 30sec on 2 axes; Gravitational Tourbillon Cage Rotating on 3 axes:

• 1st Axis: in 60sec,
• 2nd Axis: in 2.5min,
• 3rd Axis: Central Axe in 10min;

CASE: Diameter: 50mm; Thickness: 25mm; Material: 18K White Gold; Sapphire Apertures on Sides Base: Hand-engraved Tigers on 18K White Gold; Case Back: 18K White Gold; Bows: Winding and Time-Setting via lift-out rotating "bows" at case back; Crystal: Unique Domed Sapphire with Anti-reflective Treatment; Water resistance: 30m (3atm).

DIAL & HANDS: Dial: Titanium, Hand Angled and Polished, Lacquered Indexes; Hands: Blued Jacob&Co designed hands.

STRAP & CLASP: Alligator strap; 18K White Gold Folding Buckle.


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