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White Diamond Ruby Ring

Imagine the fire of a ruby, the ice of a diamond. The White Diamond Ruby Ring is a celebration of this captivating contrast, featuring a 20.08 carat oval cut GIA diamond. This exceptional stone boasts a brilliant cut and clarity, refracting light with mesmerizing brilliance.

The diamond is flanked by a halo of 2.87 carats of baguette cut rubies, their deep red color creating a striking visual dichotomy. These 20 rubies, with their step-cut facets and precise proportions, add a touch of modern sophistication to the piece, their vibrant color beautifully offsetting the cool tones of the diamond.

The rubies and diamond are set in sleek platinum, renowned for its strength and luxury. The platinum setting provides a clean, contemporary backdrop for the stones, allowing their natural beauty to take center stage.

For those who demand the extraordinary, the White Diamond Ruby Ring is a true masterpiece.

Experience the White Diamond Ruby Ring, and discover the magic that occurs when exceptional design meets extraordinary stones. Visit our boutique today and let our experts guide you through the journey of owning this captivating creation.